Creating a sustainable future for generations to come

synhelion - close-up of solar receiver

Solar fuels

We believe in a globalized world where people enjoy the freedom to travel sustainably, cultivating personal and professional relationships. That’s why we produce solar jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline. Our solar fuels are fully compatible with existing global fuel infrastructure – avoiding the need to adapt or refit engines, refineries, fuel distribution networks or filling stations.

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synhelion - solar tower and mirror field at dlr

Solar fuel plants

Our solar fuels contribute to a net-zero transportation sector by closing the fuel carbon cycle. Self-contained plants that operate independently from electrical grid infrastructure make our technology quickly and broadly scalable worldwide. We are currently building the world’s first industrial facility for the production of carbon-neutral solar fuel in Germany. Industrial solar fuel production will start there in 2024.

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Our history and roadmap

It all started with a crazy idea at ETH Zurich. What if we could reverse combustion? The idea worked – at first on paper, then in the lab, and finally in the field. Learn more about our history.

We are now translating science into reality as we are building our first industrial demonstration plant. What’s more to come? Check out our scale-up roadmap.