March 27, 2024

DAWN construction update: Fischer-Tropsch plant commissioned

With its proprietary technology, Synhelion produces syngas, the universal key to sustainable liquid fuels. The syngas is then processed into syncrude using standard Fischer-Tropsch process, which can then be refined into jet fuel, gasoline, or diesel. Plant DAWN’s Fischer-Tropsch unit has been delivered and commissioned.

Plant DAWN, Synhelion’s industrial-scale demonstration plant, is currently in the construction and commissioning phase. After the tower has been built, the Fischer-Tropsch unit has been commissioned on site.

With this Fischer-Tropsch unit, Synhelion liquefies the sustainably produced syngas, the universal key to produce liquid fuel, into synthetic crude oil (also called syncrude). After this step, the syncrude is further processed in a refinery into solar fuels, such as jet fuel, gasoline, or diesel. The Fischer-Tropsch unit, bought from INERATEC, is strategically placed on site to facilitate the seamless piping of syngas. Turning the syngas into syncrude on site enhances operational efficiency as syncrude has a very high energy density and can easily be transported.

Synhelion’s solar fuels can directly replace fossil fuels and are fully compatible with existing global fuel infrastructure. The fuels produced by DAWN will be used for various showcases projects across the transportation sector to highlight the importance of sustainable fuels in the transportation sector’s transition to net-zero.

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