Synhelion aims at replacing fossil fuels by economically viable CO2-neutral drop-in fuels which are 100% compatible with the current global fuel infrastructure.


The solutions of Synhelion combine state-of-the-art solar tower systems with proprietary high-temperature thermochemical processes for the production of solar fuels.

Why Synhelion technology?


Industrial partner

Synhelion has teamed up with the leading energy company Eni S.p.A. to further develop the Synhelion innovations into a viable commercial technology. The two companies signed a cooperation agreement in 2017. The collaboration targets the development of pilot plants at different scales until the technology is industrialized.



Academic partners
Funding agency
Simulation Partner


Synhelion SA is a privately owned company, incorporated in May 2016 under the law of Switzerland, with a share capital of 10'000’000 CHF.

Dr. Lukas Geissbühler

Head Thermal Systems

Dr. Simon Ackermann

Head Chemistry

David Rutz

Project Engineer

Adriano Patané

Test Facilities Technician

Carmen Murer

Head Corporate Communication

Prof. Giorgio Mazzanti

Strategic Advisor

Prof. Aldo Steinfeld

Scientific Advisor