We turn sunlight into fuel.

And move the world toward net zero.

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What are solar fuels?

The most economically viable, efficient, scalable, and environmentally friendly solution for clean, long-distance transportation. Solar fuels are synthetic fuels produced from solar energy.
Our solar fuels contribute to a zero-emissions transportation sector by directly replacing fossil fuels. They are fully compatible with existing global fuel infrastructure.

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The transportation industry emits 8 billion tons of CO2 per year. We work to get this number to zero.

One technology, numerous applications

Solar fuels are compatible with conventional planes, ships, trucks, and cars. The day you fuel up your vehicle with solar fuels is the day you start moving sustainably. Let's substitute fossil fuels with synthetic fuels. This is how we unlock a clean future of transportation.

  • Solar jet fuel for planes

    Solar jet fuel for airplanes

  • Solar marine fuel for ships

    Solar marine fuel for ships

  • Solar diesel for trucks

    Solar diesel for trucks

  • Solar gasoline for cars

    Solar gasoline for cars

Our story

Reducing CO2 emissions is the greatest challenge of our time. We contribute to a zero-emissions transportation sector by replacing fossil fuels with carbon-neutral solar fuels. It all started with a crazy idea at ETH Zurich. What if we could reverse combustion? We are now ready to build the world’s first industrial solar fuel production plant, taking us closer to a world connected by clean and sustainable transportation.

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Solar heat

Our technology reduces CO2 emissions in multiple transportation sectors. It also supports the decarbonization of heat and fuel-intensive industries.
By converting concentrated solar heat into the hottest existing process heat (beyond 1’500°C) on the market, we can drive an unprecedented number of industrial processes such as cement manufacturing and steel production with solar heat.

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