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Reuters – First step toward solar-powered plants

Mexican cement maker Cemex said on Wednesday it had achieved the first step in fully powering plants with solar energy, producing what is known as clinker via the sun’s rays.

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WSJ – Mexico's Cemex moves toward solar-powered cement production

Mexican cement maker Cemex took a major step toward producing cement with solar energy, successfully linking production of clinker with heat technology developed by Swiss synthetic fuels company Synhelion SA.

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CEMEX and Synhelion achieve breakthrough in cement production with solar energy

For the first time ever, CEMEX and Synhelion successfully connected the clinker production process with the Synhelion solar receiver, producing solar clinker. This revolutionary development is an initial step to develop fully solar-driven cement plants.

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NZZ – Synthetischer Sprit soll Verbrenner am Leben halten

Um die ambitiösen Klimaziele des Pariser Abkommens zu erfüllen, reicht es nicht, neu immatrikulierte Fahrzeuge mit Verbrennungsmotor durch Elektroautos zu ersetzen. Synthetische Treibstoffe könnten schon bald eine wichtige Rolle spielen.

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Handelsblatt – Diese Technologien sind entscheidend für die Klimawende

Der Kampf gegen die Klimakrise ist eine gewaltige Herausforderung. Mit Verzicht allein ist das nicht zu stemmen. Die einzige Chance sind Milliardeninvestitionen in neue Technologien.

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Solar fuels and their role in achieving net zero

Electrification, hydrogen, and synthetic fuels. Where do these technologies currently stand and do we need all of them to decarbonize transportation?

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swissinfo – How sustainable fuels created from thin air could solve the energy crisis

A refinery that produces fuels from sunlight and air… the scenario sounds like science fiction. Swiss scientists have done just that. Synhelion is working to commercialise the technology.

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SRF Einstein - The future of mobility

What does the future of mobility look like? Searching for an answer to that question, the SRF science show Einstein visited our solar fuel test facility at the Jülich solar tower.

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