Solar fuels help to solve the climate crisis. Read all about it.

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AMAG invests in Synhelion

Switzerland’s largest automobile importer AMAG Group Ltd’s climate and innovation fund makes its first investment and takes a stake in Synhelion.

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Synhelion acquires Heliokon and pushes ahead with internationalization

Synhelion has acquired German company Heliokon GmbH, an expert in concentrated solar power (CSP) technology.

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The Engineer – Solar power tech could help produce next generation synthetic fuels

Concentrated solar energy has come a long way since the days of Archimedes.

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Synthetic fuels explained

What types of renewable synthetic fuels are there and how are they produced? A beginner’s guide to biofuels, e-fuels, and solar fuels.

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SAT.1 – Fuel from air and sunlight

Looking for solutions to reach net zero, the German TV channel SAT.1 wanted to know how we turn air and sunlight into jet fuel.

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SRF – What is the state of Swiss start-up culture?

SRF SchweizAktuell was looking for Swiss start-ups that develop innovative solutions to global challenges and came knocking at our door.

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SRF – Innovation to reduce CO2 emissions

SRF 10vor10 reports on groundbreaking Swiss innovation to tackle the climate crisis and highlights solar fuels.

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Synhelion receives support from Innosuisse to further develop solar storage technology

Synhelion and Empa are conducting a joint research project, co-funded by the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse, which marks an important next step towards climate-friendly fuels.

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