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RTS – Solar heat produces clean cement

RTS visited us and our partner CEMEX to find out more about our joint efforts to decarbonize cement via solar-driven cement manufacturing. Report starts at 8:50 min.

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The road to market for solar fuels

Two years ago, we produced the world’s first fuel from air and sunlight. We have since taken large strides toward commercialization.

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WDR Quarks – Carbon-neutral aviation

The WDR science show Quarks visited us to learn more about the production of solar jet fuel. The documentary highlights the huge potential of the sun as an energy source.

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New partnership with Wood accelerates market entry of solar fuels

Synhelion has entered into a partnership with leading engineering company Wood to rapidly bring solar-based synthetic fuels to market.

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Ist Sun-to-X besser als Power-to-X?

Sonnenenergie direkt nutzen, um CO₂-neutrale Treibstoffe zu produzieren: So funktioniert Sun-to-X. Ein Pionier auf diesem Feld ist das Schweizer Startup Synhelion, das in naher Zukunft den Flughafen Zürich mit «Solar-Kerosin» beliefern will. Was sind die Vorteile der Technik und wie schlägt sie sich im Vergleich mit Power-to-X?

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Synhelion solar fuels receive Solar Impulse Label

Our solar fuel technology has been awarded the Solar Impulse Label by Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation.

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CEMEX looks to use the sun to decarbonize cement

CEMEX and Synhelion developed an innovative technology to eliminate the carbon footprint in cement using solar energy to drive the manufacturing process.

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Political Newsletter – Zurich Airport promotes synthetic fuels

How climate policy, sustainable aviation fuels, and carbon-neutral air traffic are linked.

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